In 2003 the cosmetic category of Bright Star S.A separates, giving birth to Trade Solutions S.A. Trade Solutions is a company inspired not only by the hair beauty of its clients but for everything they need and want to feel heavenly pampered. Therefore, we consider ourselves the architects of the beauty within each and every client. For this reason, we eagerly commit day to day in taking the best products of the market to their homes through the most prestigious hair salons of our country.


Generate preference, satisfaction and consumer confidence in products and brands that we market, achieving business results extended to employees, customers and general public.


Being recognized for their ability to customer satisfaction and intended by national and international trademark class to represent and market their products in the local market.


Honesty, knowledge, courtesy, kindness and excellence in providing services and care to all people and the work efficiency, are the values that guide the actions of all components of the company.